(There is one God, Eternal, Victory belongs to God)

Sri Akal Takhat Sahib Amritsar Five-Member Panthic Committee

The “Panth Khalsa” created by Siri Guru Gobind Singh Ji in 1699 AD, once again, in its glory of strength, through the Panthic Committee appointed by “Sarbat Khalsa” on January 26,1986, defines the Sikh congregations dream of Khalistan of The Khalsa Shall Rule,” given by Guna Ji. On this auspicious day from Akal Taka Sahib, it declares and informs the Governments of all countries of the world that from this day Khalistan will be the home of the Khalsa Panth. Herein the Sikh in voice will be supreme and their flags, forts and posts will say will eternity. Herein those who wish the good of all and earn their living with their own hands will have complete control over administration.

At the time of the “Sarbat Khalsa” called for April 13, 1986 the Sikh congregation enthusiastically and joyously endorsed the call for Khalistan which has nipped at the hearts of the Sikh congregations and the Sikh youth for many years. and mention of laying of the foundation of which was made by Sant Baba Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale on June 3,1984 at the time of the military attack upon Sri Darbar Sahib and Sri Akal Takhat Sahib by the Hindu Government of Bharat. Sikh congregations, at the time of their daily prayer, reiterate the concept of “The Khalsa Shall Rule”

but today, through Gurus infinite grace the concept of Khalistan is being given a concrete shape, Today, the Five Member Pantie Committee established at the “*Sarbat Khalsa” called by the Damdami Taksal issues this declaration of Khalistan.

This order of Khalsa Ji is being announced to all Sikh congregations, Sikh men and women, old and young, so that all of us, wherever we are, according to our situation, can devote our body, mind, and resources to the fulfillment of this noble cause and measure up o Gurus witness, The Five Member Panthic Committee today issues the call for readiness for making every effort and sacrifice in in  with the words: “The brave have a sight wo di if the death be accepted (by God),”

 The Khalsa Panth intends to flit its mission, by Guru Jis grace, through love and affection. Our “program is one of “No one is our “enemy, no one is an outsider; we are in harmony with all.”

 We do not favor any disturbance of unnecessary shedding of blood and expect the same from others. We express our intention to resolve all issues through negotiation with the Hindu majority and the Government of Bharat. We hope that the Government of Bharat, not influenced by the evil anti-Sikh policy of Brahmanism and grasping reality in its true form, will recognize the existence of Khalistan, This will be Bhagats true “Satyagra.”

Official Recognition Khalsa Panth requests all Governments of the world, especially those of America, England, Pakistan, China, Canada, West Germany and the Warsaw Pact nations, Italy, France, Japan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Burma, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Ecuador etc. for official recognition. We also request the U.N.O. and its member countries for political recognition. We request the U.N.O. for assistance in Khalistan-related political, military, and human rights issues that currently exist or may arise.

We hope that a newly constituted government of Khalistan will come into existence very soon; nonetheless, the Panth is making this request on behalf of this new Government so that problems which may occur because of delay in official recognition can be forestalled before they arise. We have already requested the Bharat Government for recognition so that a good-neighborly atmosphere may promote peace, and comfort, brotherhood, and tolerance and the bitterness of the present period can be ended.

With the establishment of Khalistan, the Bharat Government should perform all necessary administrative, military and political acts such as terminating military occupation and pulling out of all military and paramilitary units. The administrative structure of the Government should be instructed to follow the Khalistanis instructions,

So as not to disrupt the daily conduct of business for the present, “Khalistan” does not wish to make any major changes in the form of Government or the system of administration. Only the seals of the Government are of Bharat and Punjab will be changed to seals of “Khalistan”

Sikh congregations are specially instructed to exercise patience and tolerance, Government employs, Sikhs in the military and all classed of Government and semi Government personnel should await explicit instructions from the Panth and should continue 19 perform their duties honestly and in any way. This order is very important 90 that following the wishes of the Khalsa, all types of disturbance and damage to Government property and facilities is avoided.

“The task of setting up the Government of “Khalistan” has been entrusted to the designated Prime Minister/Chief who will complete it in the shortest possible time and make an announcement.

All Sikh political organizations axe directed to declare their agreement with and allegiance to “Khalistan” and to fully participate in making Khalistan a success. At this time it is the duty of every Sikh to rise above differences and to give a proof of Panthic

The Social Structure

“Khalistan” will run its social system according to the principle given by the Guru: “So long as Khalsa i unique I shall give the glory.”

Looting and exploitation of the backward rural society will not be allowed. The Khalsa will not tolerate profiteering, black market, adulteration, and other such social evils nor will it permit the dwarfing of people through psychological means.

No one community o group will bellowed to utilize newspapers, writings, education and other means to mold public opinion in order to serve its own purposes,

Control of religion over the State shall be constitutionally established and Sikh Religion will be the official religion of Khalistan. It will be the duty of the Government to promote Sikhism in Khalistan.

The administrative structure of Khalistan will be molded according to” “Without service, hands and feet are accursed and other actions are futile.

For the primary purpose of good of humanity and service to society every man and woman will be provided equal opportunity and means for development and growth according to their abilities. Lack of education and social backwardness will not be allowed to obstruct their way nor will it be allowed to be used as a weapon to deprive the uneducated of their rights through educational bureaucracy and monopoly in the way that children of the rich and city-dwellers, having received good education, get ahead of the poor rural children and enjoy the blessings of nature beyond their deserts while rural children and children of the poor continue to be the victims of lack of education, Do very  disease and backwardness generation after generation. “Khalistan” would like to ensure sharing of blessings of nature and of minimum needs on the bass of human considerations. Bureaucracy and concentration of capital will not be allowed to dominate government machinery and the Public thinking. On the contrary, Ro restriction will be imposed on any person’s growth and development according to his/her ability and hard work,

“There will be full participation and cooperation of public and society in the administration so that “clerk-kings” do not arise in Khalistan too. At village level, the local population will participate in administration of ci criminal, development, and legal affairs to that false witnesses and police inform ants cannot hide and blind the truth. Participation of villagers will be organized at more than one two or three    levels so that there is opportunity for index pensive and timely appeal and argument.

The objective of “Khalistan” will in line with Gurus instructions: “Good of all,”

be to promote cultural life, and encourage the feeling of unity and cooperation among people, Classifications among people such as caste untouchability high and low, urban and rural, black and white, will nt be allowed to exist and State authority shall be used to eliminate them. Similarly, other degrading and painful social practices of inequalities, the inequality between the rights of men and women, will be eliminated through the use of state authority.

“Khalistan” will give priority to the establishment of cordial relationships with its neighboring countries,

“Khalistan Commando Force” of which the current Commander” in-Chief is General Hari Singh, will serve as the nucleus for the future defence organization of Khalistan,

Sikhs living in Hindustan (Bharat), outside the Punjab, are invited to come and reside in Khalistan so that they do not have to face more hardship like the 1984 massacres. At the same time, those who are lured by money and those who are sold out Kesdhari Hindus are instructed not to place obstruction in the Path of the Khalsa Panth.

The Shahi Imam of Delhi, speaking at Chandigarh on February 1, 1981, during his Presidential Address at the 6th Semi and massacred the congregations, assembled in connection With the anniversary of Siri Guru Anjan Dev Sahib Ji, in Darbar Sahib Complex. Following this, all the major Gurdwaras in Punjab Were surrounded and using military power, Sikhs were massacred, in over 12,000villages similar curfew was imposed and Amritdhari Singhs were hunted down and martyred. Before the massacre of Amritshari Singhs the Hindu military officers and men were mentally and emotionally prepared for the annihilation of Sikhs through Beat Chet”, the official newsletter fie Army, It was clearly state din” Baal Chest” as to what distinguishes Amritdhari Singhs and that even though they might appear to be innocent and harmless yet, in reality, whey are murderers, traitors, and extremists. Therefore, it becomes the duty of, every army man that if they were to see an Amritdhari Sikh an where, his/her identity and whereabouts must immediately be forwarded to their higher authorities. In the history of the world, no army has ever taken such action against the people of its own county. Following this, when Beant Singh Satwant Singh shot Indira, for several days there was planets massacre in Delhi and other cites of Hindustan with the connivance of the incoming Prime Minister and his political and official associates. This massacre left the Delhi massacres by Nadir shah miles behind. Bhai Ajit Singh Bains, former Judge of Punjab and Haryana High Court Chandigarh, President of the Committee established by the Barnala Government, mentioning 200 false so-called police encounters, expressed surprise that in all these police encounters there was no mention of any, police officer or man having been injured nor was any case of murder filed against the police. Why? Because in the working of the Government in Hindustan “Falsehood rules supreme,”

This is the true meaning of Brahmanical principles of preaching “Only truth prevails” an speaking utter falsehoods etc.

This is the true meaning of Brahmanical principles of preaching “Only truth prevails” and speaking utter falsehoods etc.

Complete annihilation of Sikh religion is the unshakable resolve of Brahmanism because Sikh religion opposes the caste system of Brahminism and the Brahmanical tradition, Likewise, Shankaracharya, using military Power, massacred hundreds of thousands of Buddhist Bhikshus

And destroyed the Buddhist temple and other symbols and spread to faraway China, Japan. Malaya, Buna and other Countries, was completely eliminated There is the real meaning of the principle of “Nonviolence is the Supreme way” of Brahminism.

The present Government of Baharat strictly following the policy of Shankaracharya and using all political, cultural, fiscal, administrative and military means is bent upon complete effacement of Sikhs and the Sikh faith from Bharat. This is the real meaning of the false claims of Brahmanism being tolerant. The demand for placing striations upon minority religions in Bharat and upon Hindus converting to other faiths has been raised in the Bharat Lok Sabha and a demand to place restriction on Quran Sharif, the religious text of the Musalman, arose in the High Court.

 Genocide of Sikhs, destruction of Sikh religious symbols through use of military power, involving groups of Sikh preachers and singers in false cases and putting them in prisons, terrorizing the Granthi in various villages, imprisoning people under false charges or no charges at all is evident proof. We have already mentioned the feelings of extreme enmity of the Bharat Government towards the Sikhs, of how Amritdhari Singhs, prepared through hard work by the preachers, have been made, and continue to be made, targets of exterminations though official military “Baat Chet” announcements. In order to cover up its anti-Sikh intentions and crimes, the Government has deprived the Sikhs of their human rights by branding them extremists, murderers, and traitors and, using its official au-the world in the dark about this. To fulfill this plan, censorship and restrictions on entry of foreign correspondents and news reporters continue to be in force since 1984, If any organization or individual has leaked any news of the murders or genocide of Sikhs, the Governments anger has come down upon them like lightning. As a result of this campaign of misrepresentation by the Government, victimized Sikhs have had to face hardship even in such countries as U.S.A. England, West Germany, and Canada which support human rights. Government of India, proxy and puppet of Brahmanism, is truly hoping for our demise; “I should suffocate to earth; this is the desire of my captor.” What makes one sad is that the Gurus taught the Sikhs to die like men, walk erect, and like lions to have their word heeded. This is a brief account of the undeclared (total war) genocide of Sikhs initiated by the Bharat Government. This war was started with the “Operation Wood rose” in 1984 and is being continued door to door to this day. Some time back, Bangladesh Government banned the entry of Sikhs of Indian nationality into their country. When this issue was raised in the Lok Sabha of Bharat, the speaker, Sri Balram Jakhar, with extreme shamelessness, declared it to be an internal matter of Bangladesh. It would be impossible to find an example of such political partisanship and malice in the world. All political parties of Bhjarat, the Bharatiya Janata Party, CPI, CPI (M), with one voice lined up against the Sikhs and failed to express grief over the genocide of Sikhs. This is the horrible picture of the undeclared total war being waged against the Sikhs, According to a well-known history repeats itself. Today again in the line with shah Mohammad’s saying” “India and Punjab are at war today” and “ Hindustanis from the south and east have invaded.” Under this difficult situation, while issuing this declaration of Khalistan, we have desisted from calling for total war against Bharat in response to that in the course of the world we are not accused of hate.

IF the Bharat Government does not desist from its policy of aggression, the Five-Member Panthic Committee established by the Sarat Khalsa of an 26, 1986 will seek all types of needed support, sympathy and supplies from justice-loving countries which Support human rights. Was quest the same kind of support from the UNO. We shall not forget the debt of gratitude we owe the neighboring countries which, in our hour of distress, have tied to raise a cry of anguish, We are also grate full 0 the Sikh men and women living in foreign countries because they stood shoulder to shoulder with us in our sorrow. If Sikhs living abroad so desire, we shall grant them citizenship of Khalistan,

The Five Member Committee peals to Singhs that they should that take away weapons and any other goods from Sikh homes. All Sikh Congregations are requested to provide support and encouragement to the Singhs and Singh is engaged in fighting for Khalistan because the Congregation is the forts (the strength of the Singhs Released by Khalistan Affairs Center 1400 Coleman Ave Suite F-23 Santa Clara, CA 95050 Tel No. (408) 727-3191, (408) 984-1712.

Article extracted from this publication >> May 1, 1992