FRESNOC.A: According to news released by the Sikh students federation of Fresno state University a Mahan Shaheedi smagam was celebrate at gurdwara Shahid of Caruthers C.A VARIOUS PANTHIC speakers came to pay homage to the Khalsa and Shaheeds: a included: W.S.O. President  Gurcharan Singh Dhillon executive director of Khalistan Affairs Center Dr. Amarjit Singh I.S.Y.F.A. Speaker Ravi Shergill and many other federation speakers. It was learned that the gathering was the largest in the Gurdwara history. Sikh Sangat came from L.A. San Francisco and Houston to attend this first ever federation Sham gam in Caruthers California.

After the Samapathi of Akand Path Ardas for the Chardi Kalan of Khalistan movement and for the peace of souls of shaheeds Hazori Jatha performed Kiran followed by kids from Gurdwara Sahib of Selma Showing that our next generation is in good hands.

W.S.O President G.S Dhillon shared his views about the Khalistan movement and appealed to the Sangat to recognize those who are trying to sell the Sikhs in Sikhi Sarup. He particularly pointed out Ragi Darshan Singh and asked that Sikhs not support any of his activities. Dhillon reaffirmed W.S.0.s full faith in Panthic Com. headed by Dr Sohan Singh and recognized them as the sole leaders of Khalsa Panth and asked Sikh Sangat to do the same Dhillon expressed his happiness in the Sikh Student Fed upon recognizing Bhai Daljit Singh Khalsa as their convener. At the end he asked Fed and Sikh Sangat to help with getting — two Fed members Ranjit Singh Gill and Sukhminder Singh Sandhu out of a New Jersey jail thereby giving the Indian govt. a defeat Ravi Singh Shergill of Sikh Youth Fed. of America explained the Amnesty International stand against Indian Human Rights Violation in Punjab Kashmir and their parts of the country. He asked the Sangat to donate their time and efforts in any way to help the freedom movement of Sikh nation Speaker of Panthic Committee Dr.Amarjit Singh Khalsa briefly educated Sikh Sangat about the Sikhs history. In forceful words he briefed the Sangat that at this time anything   than Khalistan is unacceptable in any shape or form. He said that Brahmin govt. of India is killing our Sikh youths and raping our sisters in broad day light. He gave as an example Bibi Amandeep Kaur Khalsa. In a country where retired State Supreme Court Judge such as Justice Ajit Singh Bains can be interrogated and put in jail what does the federal public expect from that 801. He also said that mentally the Indian govt has been defeated therefore killing Sikhs through Police and military to show their Powers. By boycotting Punjab and by having one of the biggest gatherings at Hola Mohalla Divas Punjab showed its support for Khalistan After witnessing the Support militant organizations were getting from the public Akali leaders had to join the boycott or suffer the consequences as Kabul and Barnala panties experience. Dr-Sahib warned that anybody who tries to sell Sikhs as Longowal tried to do will not be spared whether he or she is a member of Congress Akali Dal of any other factions. He emphasized that Sikh have never lived under any body’s rule moguls nor Englishman and will not tolerating under the Brahmin Govt rule.

The Indian govt. thought that by attacking 38 historical gurdwaras they could finish Sikhism like they did Buddhists and Jains But they forgot that the more you cut the Sikhs the more they grow. We should all come together under one Nishan Sahib and help the freedom movement in any way we can for example Tan Man and Dhan.

Dr. Sahib thanked the Sikh Student Fed of Fresno State Univ. for the Shaheedi Smagam gathering. Also Sikh Student Fed members Bhai Beant Singh and Bhai Manj Singh sang Shabad for the Khalsa Chardi Kalan  Bhai Uppal Kevishri Jathe sang Shaheedi Waran Bhai Gurjant Singh Khalsa D.S. Sikh Student Fed. General Secretary HELPED THE STAGE SERVICE AND THANKS

To the Sangat for coming from all over Calif he also thanked those who started the Fed. In 1984

The Federation gives their full support to the Sikh Student Federation fighting in Khalistan and accepted Bhai Daljit Singh Khalsa convener ship with open arms.

Article extracted from this publication >> May 1, 1992