VANCOUVER: A most colorful and spectacular Nagas Kirtan (Religious procession) was presented by the Sikhs on Saturday ‘April 18 in which estimated 50 thousand men women & children from far and wide participated most devotedly and enthusiastically. The Nagar Kiran was organized by Gurdwara Khalsa Diwan Society Ross Street Vancouver with the active cooperation of other Sikh society’s and organizations. Very tastefully decorated floats of the Khalsa Diwan Society World Sikh Organization and other societies ‘graced the Nagar Kiran. The float of Guru Nanak Sikh Temple ‘Surrey had the impressive banner on it “Sikhs for Khalistan” and ‘was Suitably decorated with significant pictures depicting the glorious and heroic history of the Sikhs The float of the Khalsa Diwan Society Vancouver seemed all the more impressive and eye catching with the model of the Golden Temple Amritsar very suitably adored on it. The most spectacular Sikh march was extremely impressive disciplined and peaceful. Like the previous year the Nagar Kirtan moved along Marine Drive Main street Punjabi Market Fraser Market and came back to Gurdwara a2 p. m after covering a distance of about 7 kms in 4 hours.

In the evening Ran Sabai Kiran Dal has was held and the next morning on Sunday 45 persons were administered Amrit (Nectar) Bhai Avtar Singh Sandhu General Secretary explained to the Sunday congregation the significance of Khalsa created by Guru Gobind Singh on Baisakhi day Bhai Avtar Singh said “Guru Gobind Singh’s Khalsa fought against injustice ‘oppression and tyranny to save the oppressed and down trodden people of India. India should ever remain indebted to Guru Gobind Singh”. Bhai Kundan Singh Sajjan president speaking on the ‘occasion heartily thanked the whole Sangat all Gurdwara societies all Sikh organization Punjabi market Committee and store proprietors New Punjabi market and all Store proprietors of Frazer suret Montreal Bank and all organizations and inviduals who served food and drinks in the Nagar Kin an and all ‘others who in any way rendered service make the Nagar Kirtan and the tree day Baisakhi celebrations a grand success.

International president of the ‘World Sikh Organization Bhai Gian Singh Sandhu President Bhai Prem Singh and the National president of the Liberal party and former minister Hon Donald Johnston also addressed the full gathering. Bhai Sandool Singh Bagi a prominent Sikh ‘scholar from Bombay and the internationally renowned Dhadi Jatha of Bhai Komal Singh ‘Komal spoke about the sacrifices made by the Khalsa relating interesting anecdotes from the glorious Sikh history. And all three days Guru Ka Langar (free holy food) was served to all ‘without interruption.

Article extracted from this publication >> May 1, 1992