SikhHeritageEducation.com has been created by Sikh Heritage Education and Cultural Organization of America, Inc. for the documentation, study and interpretation of Sikh history as witnessed by our generation, especially the 1984 Sikh Holocaust, for the benefit of future generations.

The primary mission of this organization is to advance and disseminate the knowledge about this tragedy and preserve the memory of thousands who were massacred by the state-sponsored terror of the Indian government led by Indira Gandhi.

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The Sikh National Trust, Stockton accepted the responsibility of giving a ringing voice to the Sikh Nation through the weekly newspaper, WORLD SIKH NEWS, first published on December 28, 1984, shortly after the Sikh Holocaust in India the previous month. CLICK HERE for more information about the formation and publishing of the Sikh World News. Or click to Search WSN Issues for information on topics of your choice. 

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