April 29, 1986

We vow to accomplish the mission of the martyrs, an Independent, Sovereign Khalistan even by shedding the last drop of our blood.

Brahmanical Nazi India following in the footsteps of Shankaracharya (An expert in Buddhist butchering) had launch

 Front al attack on Akal Takhat Sahib and 37 other Sikh historical shrines on June 3, 1984 on the martyrdom day of Guru

Arjan Dev Ji killing thousands of Sikh men, women and children in cold blood. This meticulously planned and nicely executed notorious “Operation Blue Star” – which was thought of be a final solution to get rid of the Sikhs, proved to be it he last nail in the coffin of Brahmanism.

Sikhs who followed their historical tradition of Sarbat Khalsa (Sikh Common wealth) which was held on Jan.26, 1986

I chose a five member Panthak Committee authorized to lead the Sikh nation at this crucial juncture. The five members

Panthak Committee made a declaration of Khalistan on April 29,1986. The movement for liberation of Khalistan is being spearheaded by the Panthak Committee with the full cooperation of the Sikh masses, the latest example being a successful boycott of the Punjab election drama. ;

April 29 is a historical day which reminds Sikhs of their vow to cut the shackles of slavery and to achieve independence at any price. We bow our heads before the sacrifices of hundreds of thousands of Sikh martyrs who gave their lives for sake of independence of Khalistan and for millions of others who are struggling and suffering for the just cause of Panth.

We appeal to the Sikhs all over the world to celebrate the week between April 26 to May 3 as Pledge Day

Diwan should be held to commemorate this historical day where the declaration of independence document should read and discussed. Sangat should recite the National Anthem -‘ Deh Shiva Bar Mohe Ehe Shubh Kerman Te Kabhun

Taron’ standing in front of Kesari National flag (Nishan Sahib). Resolutions should be passed in support of the Khalistan freedom fighters. Tributes should be paid to the martyrs of Khalistan, We should Pray (Ardas) before Akal Purakh to  grant Khalsa Panth victory in this just cause.

Signed: Dr. Sohan Singh, Daljit Singh Khalsa, Satinderpal Sin a ;

Shahbaz Singh & Harminder Singh ( Panthik committee member;

Released by:

Dr. Amarjit Singh, spokesperson Panth

Khalistan affairs center,400 Coleman Ave Suite # F-23, Santa Clara, CA, 95050Telephone no. (408) 727-3191, (408) 984.4745


Article extracted from this publication >> May 1, 1992