Says Resham Singh manager of England Kabaddi team in an exclusive interview with WSN

WSN: How do you feel coming to California as manager of Kabaddi team? Resham Singh It is my privilege to be invited by the Kabaddi Association of North America. We come here as an experienced side. The Modesto Tournament was won by us, but we have two more to go at Fresno and Yuba City,

WSN: Kabbadi is a very traditional sport, not many youngsters born here in the western world, understands the game. How do you intend making this game more popular?

R.S: That is a very good question. We want 10 make Kabaddi an international sport, so that our generations in the future understand the game and also our culture. You ‘must have a good knowledge of Punjabi language so that Punjabi culture is understood. The children should know more about our traditional spirits. We teach them how Kabaddi is played, show them matches, they will pick up heroes. My request to parents is 10 bring their children 10 the matches. The youngsters will learn on their own by seeing it all with their own eyes. My son is a selector for the England under 21, my son says, “Dad, why do not you include me, I replied, “you will get a chance in July 89.”

WSN: By encouraging our youth (o play Kabaddi do you think you can channelize their energy properly so that at 2 social level, they become more acceptable to the society?

RS.We must make the youngsters interested in sports. Mr. Joginder Sanghar who is accompanying the team has already declared that an international competition will take place in England in July this year, where the 1st prize will be $29,000 and 2nd prize of $15,000. This will prove to be a ‘good incentive to players.

WSN: How do you find our community in this valley of California?

RS.I am very pleased to come here. People are very hospitable, and they are very friendly, very warm at keart. I think the California climate plays a big part it is like the Punjab.

WSN: Is there anything more that you would like (0 say to our readers?

RS: We have a dream; if you see my badge in 7374 we took England’s team to Punjab at the invitation of the government. I was the first manager and it was history. I never thought we would be invited to play in USA, and I hope one day Canada will do the ‘same followed by other countries.

WSN: What are your impressions regarding the tournament that has just concluded?

R.S: I think this is the most successful tournament, it is worthy of the trip that we have made. I congratulate the local organizers, ‘your paper has done a wonderful job for the community. Without publicity you cannot achieve anything. In educating people press plays a important part. Kabaddi needs to be ‘encouraged and promoted because all other sports do not have the problems that we have in Kabaddi. You have to be a sportsperson first and then be a champion whichever game you play.

Article extracted from this publication >>  March 24, 1989