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South and South East Asian Studies Center University of Michigan


Wayne State University, Detroit, MI 48202 February 1989

The topic of the 1989 Conference is: The Sikh and the Human Rights during the 15th and 16th Century. Interested scholars are invited to suomit proposals for their papers with abstracts. The deadline for receiving proposals is Friday, March 31, 1989. Papers may ad dress the topic of the Conference from disciplinary or an interdisciplinary perspective. Earlier submissions will help expedite program decisions. Titles and abstracts of papers proposed and inquiries for further information should be sent to:

Plans are now under way to hold the fifth Annual Sikh Studies Conference on July 8 and 9, 1989. As of this year, the Venue of the Conference will be Wayne State University, Detroit, MI, U.S.A. The University will host the conference with the support of the South and South East Asian Studies Center, University of Michigan and the Sikh Association.

Travel expenses will be the responsibility of the participants and of their institutions/organizations.

Please share this announcement with your colleagues and other interested scholars.

It is expected that the final program will be published by about the middle of May 1989.

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