On 6th of July 1985, about 250 Sikhs representing WSO chapters from across United Kingdom gathered in Excelsior Hotel, London, England to discuss the issues concerning organizational matters. Meeting was convened by Prof. Bedi with Mr. Mand as the co convener. Sardar Gopal Singh Brar of Canada presented the constitution of WSO of U.K. which was discussed in detail and was adopted unanimously.

The National assembly of delegates of WSO of UK elected a five member

Steering committee and was given the responsibility to form a 31 member National executive of WSO of UK by 27th of July 85.

Following are the members of the steering committee:

  1. Devinder Singh Parmar — Chairman
  2. Surain Singh Sandhu — Co Chairman
  3. Santokh Singh Dhillon — Member
  4. Satwant Singh Sumun — Member
  5. Joginder Singh Bal — Member

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