Jaggampet — With the letters reportedly written to their parents by eight young persons, it has come to light that they have been “sold” off as bonded laborers to a firm in Gujarat. All the youths are in their prime and are of 20 -25 years of age.

Mallemoggala Peraiah, Mallemogala Veeraju, Bontu Satyaarayana, Prakasam and four others were reportedly lured by some unidentified person on the pretext of being paid heavily for light work and reportedly sold to a gangster in Gujarat.

The gang master, it is learnt, in turn secured them “unemployment” in Jagadeesh Oil Cake Indus

tries and Narode Industries in Gujarat and are being forced to do heavy work for very small pay.

It has also come to light that the gang master reportedly bought the eight persons for Rs 1,200 each.

When Prakasam turned against the employer he was asked to leave if he could. But to their dismay, they could not, as they were left with no money, even for the fare.

In response to a letter from Prakasam, their parents have sent some money to him and they will soon return, free from the “bonds.” The parents of the eight persons have appealed to the Government to secure their release.

Article extracted from this publication >>  July 19, 1985