Delhi November, 1984 By A Liberated Sikh

Orwellian year of 1984,

A year of horror trauma and shame,

Atavistic bestial activities revolving the wheel of violence, Putting the State violence at its worst.

A bare 54 page of indictment, Produced by PUDR and PUCCL, When even the Sikh homes were still smouldering,

A pamphlet a sledgehammer of moral and intellectual courage, Gobinda Mukhoty, Rajni Kothari and Ashis Nandy, Exposing the state violence at its worst.

Ugly unpalatable facts about those,

Responsible for the danse macabre,

Seek justice for the contrived tragedy,

Inflicted on powerless victims and countless widows, Who is guilty? A sad poetry of human relationships, Pointing to the State violence at its worst.

It is going to haunt the perpetrators of the holocaust,

It is going to be hangman’s noose when the hour of reckoning will strike them,

These moral lepers have ruined the heritage of Bhudha, and Nanak,

Who is guilty? A detergent for human right.

Article extracted from this publication >>  April 24, 1987