On Saturday July 23, 1988, Gur Gobind Singh Foundation, a leading Sikh Organization in Washington Metropolitan area organized a ‘Langar’ for approximately 1200 people of the Washington D.C.

The Langar was served at the districts shelter run by the community for creative nonviolence. The group is headed by activist Mitch Snyder, whose efforts on behalf of the city’s hungry and homeless have been captured in a television movie starring Martin Sheen.

Narinder Singh Malik, President of Guru Gobind Singh Foundation said that “we strongly believe that such humanitarian activity must become a consistent and integral part of our religious institutions, if we are to become strong and viable part of the country we live in.

Rajwant Singh, secretary of Guru Gobind Singh foundation said that “we also believe that through these efforts we are proving ourselves not only good Sikhs but productive Americans as well by contributing positively to the society we live in. As individuals and as members of the Sikh community it is our moral duty to help the less privileged of the society.

Bhupinder Kaur Saini, Public Relations coordinator, who coordinated the Langar, said that “The organization has made this a regular feature of its activity because we look at this as an opportunity to put into practice one of the noblest principles of Sikhism, that is of selfless service and thereby showing the world that Sikhs believe in universal brotherhood and Sikhism is a truly universal religion.

She also informed that about 60-70 families in the Washington area and Baltimore participated in this effort. She also said that the foundation is providing food on monthly basis to 5060 sick people in the homeless clinic of D.C,

Article extracted from this publication >> August 19, 1988