LA HABRA HTS: Response to the recently announced 27th Sikh International Youth Camp, in La Habra Hts. Los Angeles, from Aug 2630, 1988 for Sikh Youth between 8 to 18 years of age and Second Sikh Mothers Camp in Fresno from Sep 25, 1988 has been extremely encouraging. Applications for both the camps are pouring in every day.

A 4-member Camp Liaison Team of the IIGS visited Gurdwara Fresno on July 26, 1988 for a meeting with Gurdwara Management officials to finalize Camp arrangements. I[GS and Gurdwara officials are trying their best to make Mothers 3 nights and days stay at the Camp really very educative, creative and enjoyable. Mothers who cannot leave their little kids behind are welcome to bring them along. Camp Management is offering help to babysit them while the Mothers participate in the camp activities. Special arrangements are being worked out to make the expectant Mothers stay at the camp {just like home.”

IIGS (International) Institute of Gurmat Studies) organised its First Sikh Mothers Camp last year in La Habra Hts. Forty Mothers attended it and were highly appreciative of the Gurmat education and Kirtan training offered and the hospitality enjoyed by them at the camp.

Over 150 young Sikh girls and boys applied for the IIGS organised 26th Sikh International Youth Camp at Detroit in June July this year. Due to limitations of space, only 123 applications were entertained and the rest had to be regretfully returned.

IIGS has been serving the KhaIsa Panth in one of the most Constructive ways for the past over 16 years. Founded in India in 1972, IIGS is now incorporated in the United States and Headquartered in La Habra Hts, Los Angeles,

IGS organised its First Amrit Sanchar Camp in April this year, in which 77 devotees took Khand e Di Pahul at the IGS house.

Article extracted from this publication >> August 19, 1988