JULLUNDUR, Punjab, India: Three days old strike observed by Punjab Roadways and Pespsu Roadways Corporation is being called off today. The third round of negotiations conducted by the Commissioner of Jullundur and the representatives of the employees at Kapurthala, bore fruit and settlement was finally reached.

According to the terms of settlement, all the employees arrested at Phagwara would be released. The roadways employees all over the state had gone on strike to protest against the beating of a driver, Gurdey Singh of Punjab Roadways by C.R.P.F. near Cheheruon Saturday. Meanwhile the representative of employees declared that the movement of traffic will start only when all the employees would be released.

Meanwhile, the in second round of talks between the employees and the government were in progress, the leaders of U.A.D. and A.LS.S.F. Extended full support to their demands.

Article extracted from this publication >> January 15, 1988