Aurangzeb was a very rigid Sunni Muslim and did not tolerate any other religion, even the Shia sect of Islam. In order to please him, several of his governors started a campaign to forcibly convert nonMuslims. The regime came into conflict with the Sikh Gurus who were the only torch bearers against force, intolerance, forcible conversions and exploitation. By then, the Sikhs had come to be known as the champions of the down trodden. Under orders of Aurangzeb and through the impious conspiracies of the Alliance Guru Tegh Bahadur was beheaded in Chandni Chowk Delhi on November 11, 1675 when his companions were boiled in water and sawn down in pieces.

It was the founder, Guru Nanak Dev Ji, who preached revolution against the rapacious onslaught of Babar on Indian masses. These were the Sikh Gurus who prepared the down trodden to resist by reforming the society. They started free kitchen for all, joint congregations, abolished widow burning, started widow remarriage, erected the highest Sikh seats Akal Takht and Golden Temple, compiled holy scriptures in which sayings of Dalit and Muslim saints were also entered. As the atrocities on the masses were increasing, Guru Hargobind formed an army of 700 soldiers, a camel cavalry and 60 canon shooters. He defeated the imperial army in six battles Hindu Rajas, more loyal than Caesar, himself, started plundering Anandpur Sahib, the seat of the Sikhs, so Guru Gobind Singh established Khalsa on March 30, 1699, and told his saint followers to become soldiers too, to defend the poor, down trodden victims of injustice. He called upon all the Dalits to come under the Khalsa banner and in lieu of that, he promised them a life of honor and respect. He declared:

Because of these anti-priest ideas, the Jats who were mostly Buddhists and Muslims were considered very inferior in the Brahmin dominated society, joined the Khalsa brotherhood enmass in the central and lower Punjab. Guru Gobind Singh pleased with the Jats, prophesied:

The low status people like jats, carpenters, weavers, and sweepers, etc. joined him and ultimately became Sardars. Even now, a Hindu carpenter, a weaver, or a sweeper is tarkhan, jullaha and Bhangi but if he is a Sikh, he is a Sardar.

The Guru told the people that “lost rights are never regained by begging and appeals to the usurpers, but through relentless struggle. Goats and lambs are used for sacrificial rites but never the lions”. Through this doctrine, he instilled faith, conscience and will power in his Sikhs who with four decades captured power and then carved a vast empire which included the present domains of half the Pakistan, half of Afghanistan, Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh, and the Indian Punjab. Their powerful horses trampled the territories up to Aligarh, Najibabad, Hathrus etc. and they once occupied Delhi itself. It was the treachery of Dogra Rajputs and Brahmin generals and ministers that resulted in the defeat of the Sikhs, though the conquerors — the English — highly praised the velour of the Sikhs. The Brahmin Alliance was the cause of the downfall of the last independent Empire in India.


As the Britishers had occupied Punjab with the active treason of the Bania Brahmin alliance, they showered all kinds of favors on these traitors, who took over all the trade and government posts. Because of the teachings of the great Gurus, the Sikhs never reconciled to their fate in the enslaved Punjab. They continued to struggle for freedom in the form of Kuka movement, peasant’s movement of 1907, Gurdwara movement, Babbar Akali movement, Ghaddar movement and the famous Army revolt during the II World War and ultimately the formation of I.N.A. under General Mohan Singh and later under Netaji. For this, they had to suffer a lot in the form of lives and property. Out of a population of 350 million, they were only four million but their contribution to the struggle against the mightiest empire can be assessed through some of the figures:


The Second World War shattered the economy of Britain and their hold got loosened over the rebellious subjects; so they decided to leave. Here again, the Gandhi — Jawahar (Bania Brahmin) alliance showed their cunningness. They through deceit outwitted the Sikhs whom the outgoing British wanted to give an independent State in Central Punjab. Jawahar Lal, the Brahmin Prime Minister — designate in a resolution promised to carve out a region in the North of India where the Sikhs would feel a glow of freedom. The Sikhs being honest came under the Brahmin spell and spurned the idea of Free State by putting their lot with the Hindus. But the Muslim leader was also a Bain who could understand the evil intentions of the “Alliance”. Hindu Congress fearing the Muslims as political rivals got rid of a major portion of them by accepting partition of the subcontinent and the Alliance is now ruling the country with all cunning, deceit, bluff and meanness plus exploitation as taught by their ancestors. The “Alliance” is all out to rub off the entities of all the religious and cultural minorities — especially, the Muslims and Sikhs — as a part of Hindu chauvinism. Preplanned riots are started and mobs of Hindu goondas led by the ruling clique, attack the mosques and gurdwaras, lynch the menfolk, abduct and rape the women of the minorities and burn their property. Muslims alone were the targets but since 1984, the Sikhs have been made targets. According to rough estimates, more than 25,000 Sikhs have so far been killed by Hindu mobs in addition to innumerable killings in “fake encounters” by the Centers “Alliance dominated” paramilitary forces in the Punjab where they are behaving as “occupation forces”

The “Alliance” wants the Sikhs to join the Hindu mainstream wherefrom the great Gurus had rescued them. They also want the Sikhs to separate religion and politics. Religion is the very life of a Sikh, while in any civilized society, every person is born in politics and he dies in politics. One, who ignores it, cannot remain. So, he should migrate to Alaska or to the abode of Lord Shiva on the Everest. Such men are half dead.

The “Alliance” is throttling the regional languages which are being adulterated with words from the dead language, Sanskrit, which is spoken by only a few hundred priests, i.e. Brahmins.

Natural resources like water and power are the life arteries of Punjab which is: synonymous to Sikhs who are largely farmers. These resources are, by deceit, cunningness and bluffs being given to Hindu populated States so that the Sikhs become paupers and because of sheer necessity merge into the Brahminical Ocean and forget their entity.

In 1978, the Sikhs through Anandpur Sahib Resolution demanded some religion politico economic nights, leaving the Imperial Delhi with Defense, foreign affairs, currency and communications. Though the Congress had offered the same rights to Mr. Jinnah in 1946, the “Alliance” having the neck of all Indians in its grip, made too much noise and gave a communal twist to brain wash the communal and chauvinist Hindus of some illusory danger to the National integrity. The Sikhs have never been disintegration it’s but freedom fighters since centuries. Only because of them, J&K, Punjab and Himachal Pardesh are now parts of the country which is under the yoke of the “Alliance”. According to the alliance, only those who remain under their yoke are nationalists, and all those demanding justice are separatists, extremists, terrorists, secessionists and are guided by ‘ some Foreign Hand. The martyrs whose statues have been put in every nook and corner of the country, were also, ‘branded as terrorists, and rebels by the then Rulers. They too had taken innocent lives, looted treasuries, ransacked armories, blown away railway trains and killed police informers. Killing of human beings is always bad and condemnable; be it by the individuals or by the State forces accept, of course, the one through the due process of law. Today, a law of jungle prevails throughout the State where Sikh youths are hunted down. No young Sikh can say with certainty that he would not be picked up by the State forces.

The Sikhs are not disintegrationists. They are only reminding the “Gandhi Jawahar” Alliance and their successors, the promises unashamedly made by their “High Priests of Falsehood and Deceipt” on the eve of Independence. The Sikhs, like all nonHindi States demanded that the All India system should be on Federal structure, with equal sovereign rights to all the states’ and their nominees should form the Central Government on parity basis. The Central Government is given Defense, currency, foreign affairs and communications. But, the “Alliance” believes that larger the area, the stronger are the exploit and dacoits need a larger area for their operations. The conflict lies there. In Punjab, when the State terrorism was unleashed in full fury and Amrit’ Dhari Sikhs were being annihilated and the youths found no way to escape the sten-guns of ‘the State, they too took up arms because, according to the great Dalit leader, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, “dangerous diseases require drastic remedies and that no revolutionary speaks a soft language and moves without raising dust and smoke”.

Sikhs want clean politics, but how can one find something clean in a dirty drain of Brahmin — Bania Alliance.

Article extracted from this publication >> June 24, 1988