SURINDER SINGH KAHLON, his wife Jatinder Kaur have been residents of Southern California for the last 18 years with short periods of absence. When they lived in Florida and Alaska. Surinder Singh comes from the District of Gurdaspur and Jatinder from the village of Sidhowal near Patiala.

Surinder Singh has been an active home builder in Southern California for over ten years. Before this he worked as Construction Manager and Sub Division Civil Engineer. Prior to immigration to U.S.A., Surinder Singh was in the Indian Railway Service Engineers for ten years and resigned when he was Divisional Engineer in New Delhi.

Surinder Singh has been active in serving the Sikh cause ever since the 1984 attack on the sacred Golden Temple. Surinder Singh has struggled along with others to provide ideas and has spent time to tackle the various challenges faced by the Sikhs. His main efforts continue to be in the areas of Gurdwara management techniques and participation in efforts to expose human rights violations against the Sikhs. He also participated in the effort to set up the Sikh Society of Southern California, a religious organization, set up to meet the needs of the Sikhs of Orange County. Surinder Singh and his family wish the World Sikh News and its readers and Sikh Jagat a successful and happy future.

Article extracted from this publication >> February 19, 1988