CHANAN SINGH, 69, was born at village Rampur in district Hoshiarpur. He got his matriculation from Khalsa High School in 1936. He migrated to US.A. on September 18, 1946.S. Chanan Singh was drafted to the American army on October 3, 1946, He was the Master Sergeant E8, and was honored with the Bronze Star Medal on February 19 1972. S. Chanan Singh retired from the Army in January 1973 on medical grounds. He again joined as a security officer civil service in U.S. Navy and retired in November, 1983, as he was operated upon for open heart surgery by Dr. Mittal in the same year. S. Chanan Singh also got a meritorious service medal in 1971.

During his early days, S. Chanan Singh was the member of the first eleven football team of the Khalsa High School, Mahalpur. He worked as Physical Training Instructor and Band Master at Ali Beg under Sant Baba Sunder Singh Ji and also at Guru Nanak Khalsa High School, Gujarkhan near Rawalpindi. Mr. Chanan Singh also served in the Indian army during the British rule.

Mr. Chanan Singh served in the US. Army for 26 years and became the first Sikh to receive Bronze Star Medal after 26 years of active duty in the United States army. Mr. Chanan Singh proudly displayed the medals received from the Chinese army at Taipei, Taiwan. His three children appeared on Iran television in Tehran for half an hour, presenting the Indian dances on the Iranian New Year Day. The same year he got a medal from the Imperial Iranian Army under Shah of Iran. This presentation ceremony was witnessed by the local Indian community with interest and cheered him with joy.

Mr. Chanan Singh being a dedicated and committed Sikh wrote two letters to Mr. Ronald Reagan, President of the United States, protesting the heinous __ crimes being committed by the Indian army on the Sikhs in India. He reminded the President that while the world leaders came out loudly what was happening to Mr. Sarkov in Russia. Nobody spoke about the miseries put upon the Sikhs in India. His heart always pains for the Sikh community and always willingly helps every needy person and Sikh organization.

The World Sikh News is proud of this great man.

Article extracted from this publication >> February 19, 1988