RIPUDAMAN GILL was born at Chak #2, Gujrat now in Pakistan. Her father S. Gopal Singh Nat retired from Punjab Irrigation Department P.S.I ‘Class 1. She married Dr. Tarlok Singh Gill in 1964 and joined him in America in 1965. She graduated from Government Women’s College, Ludhiana, in 1962. Gills are the proud parents of three daughters Sanjdeep, Amardeep and Karen. Sandeep and Amardeep both go to the California State University, North Ridge, and Karen hopes to graduate from Granada High School. While in the States, Mrs. Gill obtained two Masters Degrees, one in Education and the other in Mathematics. Mrs. Gill is proud of her five sisters and three brothers, all well settled in the 7 Eleven business in the greater Los Angeles area. Before moving to Los Angeles, Mrs. Gill served as Assistance Professor of Mathematics for five years in South Carolina. Gills are proud of this fact that their children have always taken active part in the Sikh Youth Camps held at various locations in the United States.

TARLOK S. GILL, Ph.D. Sometimes one person thinks of moving to one direction but the destiny leads him to the opposite. This appears to be the case with Mr. Tarlok Singh Gill who achieved the distinction of getting the highest academic degree of Ph.D. but came round to establishing 7 Eleven business as his career.

Mr. Gill was born at village Gill, district Ludhiana, in Punjab. He graduated from the Punjab Agricultural University at Ludhiana, in 1956, securing a first class first position. He migrated to United States of America in 1964 and graduated from the University of California, Davis, in 1968, with a doctorate degree in Genetics, for the next fifteen years, he was in the teaching profession having served as Professor of Biology and Chairman Division of Natural Sciences, and Mathematics in Southern Carolina. In 1983, Gills moved to Los Angeles and got established in 7Eleven business through the encouragement of his brother in law S. Karam Singh Dhaliwal. Mr. Gill has been actively involved in the community service. He is a devoted Sikh having complete faith in Guru Granth Sahib.

Article extracted from this publication >> February 19, 1988