J.F. Horne Gold Bowl Ltd., a Nevada corporation, announced the inauguration of the largest and richest bowling tournament in history. The tournament is called GOLD BOWL and is open to AMATEURS ONLY. The GUARANTEED prize fund is $925,000.

The five rounds of Tournament bowling will be conducted in the bowlers’ home bowling centers. The semifinals and finals will be held at BALLY’S RENO HOTEL bowling center AUGUST 24th THROUGH AUGUST 30th.

Unlike previous national tournaments, GOLD BOWL will feature 8 different individual categories and 4 team categories all for amateurs only. The tournament organizer, James Horne, stated, “Previous tournaments were almost exclusively for the high-performance bowlers or a very limited number of handicap bowlers. GOLD BOWL is designed for bowlers of all ages and all skill levels for the casual bowlers as well as the league bowlers, for the handicap bowlers and the scratch bowlers, for the teen and the senior bowlers. Just about anyone can enter this truly national Tournament.

The Tournament entry fee is only $10 per category. There is no travel required until the semifinals and finals. GOLD BOWL has been specifically organized to be enjoyed by the greatest number of participants. Besides the huge prize fund, the sponsor will award a 10Ib. pure gold bowling ball to any individual who bowls a perfect game of 300 pins in the televised finals of the 8 individual categories! In addition, the sponsor has incentive programs for the bowling center owners/managers and league secretaries. There will also be 72 expense paid trips for finalists in all categories. The equivalent prizes and trip expenses for youth bowlers will be put into trust for their college educations.

The spectacular GOLD BOWL, SUNDAY, August 30, 1987, at RENO’S BALLY HOTEL will be the richest single payday in bowling history. Registration began in local bowling centers across the country on MARCH 7, 1987 and will continue until APRIL 10th.

Article extracted from this publication >>  March 20, 1987