NEW YORK: On Friday Jan. 16th, 1987, Dr. Naunihal Singh attended a rally with representatives from the following groups:

Pakistan Federation of America; Pakistan Forum of U.S.A. Muslim Community Relation Centre; Pakistan American Association; Afghan Community in North America; Pakistan American Counselor Association; Society of Palestine Professionals; International Repatriation Committee; Stranded Pakistanis; Pakistanis of Chicago; Anti Communist Coalition; Indian Consulate of New York; He made a positive statement that AWACS are necessary to Pakistan to act as a deterrent against the spread of communism in that region.

Dr. Singh also stated that Soviets should be out of Afghanistan and restoration of peace in Afghanistan should be achieved by the installation of a government which is not the puppet of the Soviet Union.

Dr. Singh said that India and Pakistan would not want to come to terms and solve their problems because it benefits the Sikhs and Muslims and, therefore, suggested that Sikhs and Muslims should fight with backs together in India. Every Muslim in India is a suspect and now Sikhs are also suspects. All minorities in India should fight against the oppressive government of Rajiv Gandhi which is supported by U.S.S.R. its creed crusade against Sikhs, Muslims and other religious minorities.

The W’S.O. is very concerned about AWACS and the over the continued detention of Sikh youths in New Orleans and it was unfortunate that in the United States these youths are being held without parole and without trial, for the last one and a half year. Sikhs should write about this situation to the Justice Department of United States. The W.S.O. would welcome coordinated efforts of various groups in this direction.

Article extracted from this publication >>  January 23, 1987