CHANDIGARH: Punjab Congress (I) dissident M.P. Jag meet Singh Brar said here that the Rajiv-Longowal accord was no longer relevant as both its signatories had died. The dissident leader strongly criticized the so-called Punjab package bandied about by the Central government. He said the Chandigarh issue was really a non-issue because no-one in Punjab wants this city. On the other hand, the people in the state were greatly exercised over reports that more water would be transferred to Haryana, Punjab was the only state in India, Brar said, that gave water free of cost to the no riparian neighboring states. Punjab also gave food grains to the rest of India. He strongly opposed the proposal to dig out the S.Y.L. canal and transfer water to Haryana, The Congress(I) M.P. denied he was an opponent of chief minister Beant Singh. “I cannot occupy his post nor am I a candidate for THE POST of president of P.C.C. (I) he said

What his critics should remember is that he is fighting for Punjab’s rights. In fact, he said, the Beant Singh government had lost an ideal opportunity to win back the Sikhs and other rural people. : The government was misguided when it started attacking political opponents in Punjab such as Akali Dals. The chief minister’s statement that S.Y.L. canal would be built also reflected the ruling factions _ misguided approach. Instead, what was required was that the party’s government; should have been in the forefront raising Punjab’s rights. That was the only way to” rehabilitate the party among the masses. The result of the wrong policies adopted by the state government was that ministers were not unpopular. No one invites them to any function in Punjab. They are surrounded by policemen round the clock.

Article extracted from this publication >> May 15, 1992