Journalist: Mr. Ambassador, to boost Rajiv Gandhi’s sagging: fortunes in India, Soviet leader, Gorbachev has tried to give him a lifesaving shot by promising to double their trade with India by 1992.

Ambassador: That’s right.

Journalist: And Rajiv in return has promised to continue India’s support to the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan.

Ambassador; Very correct.

Journalist: Do you think Rajiv will be able to turn the rising tide against him by dangling the deceptive Soviet cake? Can he succeed in making he Indians forget about his Waterloo in Haryana and the scandulous kickbacks and payoffs?

Ambassador: Not in national interest to disclose.


Journalist; Mr. Ambassador, Haryana’s newly elected Chief Minister, Mr. Devi Lal has called for fresh elections in Punjab. Ambassador. That’s right.

Journalist: He said that his government would like to settle all outstanding issues with Punjab through direct talks rather than allow the Center to exploit it for political gains.

Ambassador: Does it mean Devi Lal considers Barnala and company as mere puppets who have no popular base? Do you think Center can afford to have a truly representative government in Punjab? Ambassador: Not in national interest to disclose.


Journalist: Mr. Ambassador, President Zail Singh’s request to visit Anandpur Sahib was turned down by Jathedar Swinder Singh of Takht Kesgarh Sahib.

Ambassador: That’s right.

Journalist: The Jathedar said that he could not allow an excommunicated Sikh to visit the Takht so long he was not exonerated by a proper Akal Takht authority.

Ambassador: Very correct.

Journalist: Why does Zail Singh now wants to visit Sikh holy shrines when he felt no compunction in signing the army attack on the Golden Temple? Is he now trying to atone for his sins? Ambassador: Not in national interest to disclose.

Article extracted from this publication >>  July 10, 1987