I read with great interest Mr. George Cornell’s article titled “poll: U.S. predominantly Christian” in the April 13 1991 issue of The Houston Chronicle. I was very impressed to see the details included in the bar charts covering the different Christian denominations and different non-Christian religions. However I was very surprised and sad to see omission of Sikh religion. As I am a practicing Sikh and know a little bit about Sikh population in U.S.A my estimate of Sikh population in U.S.A. is between 100000 to 120000. Even in Greater Houston area the Sikh population is above 3000. I am sure that in your future surveys you would not exclude the Sikhs.

Bhupinder Singh

Houston TX

(The article appeared in many American newspapers including the Stockton Record. Efforts are being made to contact Mr Cornell and to set the record straight.-Ed)

Article extracted from this publication >> May 10, 1991