AUGUSTA GA: Guru Nanak Darbar the Sikh Religious Society of Augusta Georgia celebrated Baisakhi from April 12 to April 14 1991. All Sikhs in this area participated in the function which started on April 121991 with commencement of Akand Path. On April 141991 the Akand Path was successfully completed. This was followed by Nishan Sahib Ceremony Punj Payaras saluted the Nishan Sahib during this ceremony.

The Gurdawara in Augusta was built approximately four years ago Since then we have Gurdawara functions two to three times a month. All functions are being conducted by full time Granthi who resides on the campus and takes active part in teaching the Shabad Kirtan tokids. With this success the Gurudwara started having Gurmukhi classes for the kids. The committee also decided to have a Sikh library. To fulfill all these demands and because of a continued increase in the Sikh population in this area another large project was undertaken which was an expansion of the Gurdawara building by another 2600 square feet. The ground breaking ceremony for this expansion was performed on April 14, 1991 during Baisakhi Day celebration.

We request the readers to contribute generously for the expansion of the Gurdawara and also for the Sikh library. The donations can be in the form of cash books or any other way.

Please send your contributions to the following address: 2252 Nellie Drive Augusta Georgia 30906.

The Sikhs of Augusta and of the surrounding areas are very thankful to Satguru for his blessings of giving us courage to build this Gurdawara. The committee hopes other Sikhs in America and Canada will join us and help us in reaching these goals. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh. Dr. Harinderjit Singh

Article extracted from this publication >> May 10, 1991