Although I am sure that S. Amarjit Singh Buttar had the best intentions I was not happy to see my name lumped in with the Yogi Bhajan people.

By birth I am not Punjabi but I don’t think of myself as an “American Sikh” any more than any Gursikh will tolerate being called a Jat Ramgarhia etc.

I became a Sikh through the association of Gursikhs in various Gurdwara’s. I have never had contact with Mr. Yogi Bhajan. I never considered approaching Mr. Yogi for guidance because I happen to know that yogis are Hindu phenomena. I have no need to go to anyone but the Gurkikhs for association and friendship. I believe that we should not follow them. Remember that Guru Gobind Singh has warned

“Jab ih gahai bipran ki rit mai na karo inki partit.”

Rasamrit Singh Mt.Horeb WI

Article extracted from this publication >> May 10, 1991