NEW DELHI: The Beijing Asian Games Radio and television Organising Committee (BAGRTOC) has cancelled the reservations for commentary positions and other facilities for all India Radio and Doordarshan.

In a communication to the Indian Embassy in Beijing, the BAGTROC has said that “after waiting for considerable time, much beyond the stipulated last dates, it was left with no other alternative but to cancel reservations for AIR and Doordarshan, as there was inordinate delay in signing the contract and making the advance Payment.”

The last date for signing the contract with the BAGRTOC was May 30, which was extended till July 30 especially for AIR and Doordarshan,

‘The Organisers have sent repeated tele messages to AIR asking them to sign a contract but because of no clearance by the government neither AIR nor Doordarshan have been able to sign the contract. AIR and Doordarshan, it is reported, had sent their proposal is to the ministry in the first week of May.

Article extracted from this publication >> August 31, 1990