Dear Editor:

The Sikhs residing in U.S.A. are bewildered and surprised that F.B.I. has mortgaged itself to the Government of India and has started harassing the Sikh young men. The arrest of Sukhmandir Singh and Ranjit Singh Gill at New Jersey, who allegedly masterminded the killing of Gen. Vaidya, clearly proves it. It is a tragedy that the F.B.I. has accepted on face value the accusation of the Government of India and arrested these innocent young Sikhs. In the eyes of the Indian government, every young Sikhisa “terrorist”, a “militant” or a “killer”. If F.B.. or other intelligence agencies of the foreign countries start acting on their directions, no young Sikh will be safe.

Further, I wish to tell F.B.I. that Indian government will not stop blaming U.S.A. for their self created problems even if they (F.B.L.) arrested all Sikhs living in US.A.

It is high time that Sikhs living in U.S.A. rise in one voice to protest against the action of the F.B.I. and fight the cause of these innocent young men. These young men should not feel that the Sikhs in America and Canada are mere spectators to their unfortunate plight. It is the duty of every Sikh to stand shoulder to shoulder with these young men. Who knows who is going to be picked up by the F.B.I. next at the instance of Indian government.

Swatanter Singh San Jose, Ca.

Article extracted from this publication >>  May 29, 1987