Dear Editor:

As a former resident of Fiji, I would like to point out that Indian government is responsible for the chaos of Indian settlers in Fiji. Through the Indian settlers, India has constantly manipulated the country of Fiji to align it with the Indo Russian policies, this did not go unnoticed by other foreign powers who in tum encouraged local Fijians for power struggle thus. disturbing the peace in Fiji Islands.

India keeps meddling in the affairs of foreign countries through the people of Indian origin, a dangerous move, it brings the Indians in direct conflict with the interests of their adopted country.

AWACS is another example, some foolish Indians under the influence of the Indian government agents are demonstrating against the interests of United States of America. If these fools don’t come to their senses, they will make life difficult for other Indians. India and her Russian paramour should mind their own business.


Jagir Singh Modesto. Ga.

Article extracted from this publication >>  May 29, 1987