Dear Editor:


Who does not know that the Longowal Gandhi Peace accord was neither hailed by Sikhs nor lauded by the Hindus. Installation of “Barnala Ministry” accordingly was not a triumph, in the first instance, nor would his dismissal be mourned or rejoiced about. Much as the Sikhs and Hindus yearned for scraping up the ministry, Gandhi was adamantly keeping the puppet government in office, of course for selfish purpose of “white washing” the image of the Congress gravely tarnished by his mother. He had been sticking to Barnala obstinately, against heavy odds and strong opposition, even within his own party. In fact, anybody could have anticipated the President’s rule in Punjab. Of course, Rajiv Gandhi will be amply awarded in the forthcoming Haryana elections. Sikhs will now have to work twice as hard to win

over the world opinion which has already been greatly poisoned, besides preparing ourselves for the worst  for greater sufferings and sacrifices, as a result of the “army rule” which would strive to suppress the Sikh struggle with a mightier hand.


Narendra Singh Aurora, Ca.

Article extracted from this publication >>  May 29, 1987