Dear Editor:

I would like to take exception to a mews item published in your January 16, 1987, issue headed

“Sikh Cultural Society, New York, Quits Sikh Council of North America.” There is the clear assentation in the news that a verbal and written commitment was given by me.

In my judgments, and for the sake of good journalism, you should have done the following two things, at the very least, before publishing such “news”:

  1. Asked to see a copy of the so-called written “commitment” that I gave regarding Dr. Ajrawat’s resignation from the Presidency of the Sikh Council of North America;
  2. You should have called me to verify if such a “commitment” was given by me verbally.

It is sad to see a newspaper which is supposed to promote the cause of Sikhism to get involved in

The petty politics of some individuals who call themselves Sikhs and self-appointed guardians of Sikhism. They have no more commitment to Sikhism than that of the lowest grade, dirty politician whose sole purpose is “self-glorification” and the “kursi”. I wonder if they ever look inside their own being before accusing others of “un Sikh like acts”.


Balbir S. Brar Annandale, Virginia

Article extracted from this publication >>  April 10, 1987