Dear Sir:

The news published by World Sikh News on January 16, 1987, regarding “Sikh Cultural Society, New York Quits Sikh Council of North America”, is based on erroneous facts. The fact is that I have never given any verbal or written commitment to ask Mr. Ajrawat to resign from the Presidency of the Sikh Council of North America.

I would request you to send me a copy of the commitment written by me. As I feel that you should

have asked to show the written commitment given by me before publishing my name.

The character assassination and publishing wrong news is not only anti Panthic but it is also illegal.

The fact is that at Cleveland S.CS. Delegates wanted this commitment from me but I refused to give the same. In August, 1987, Mr, Baldev Singh and Mr. Jagjit Singh Mangat came to Washington to attend the executive committee meeting. The question was discussed in detail and they were

completely satisfied and happy to keep Dr. Ajrawat as President of S.C.N.A. The proof of the satisfaction is as follows:

  1. Mr. Baldev Singh, being the Secretary, had taken all the records of the Sikh Council of North


  1. Both Mr. Baldev Singh and Mr. Jagjit Singh Mangat attended dinner at Dr. Ajrawat’s residence,

after the meeting.

  1. Both of them stayed that night with me.

evinder S. Sidhu

Fallston, Maryland


Article extracted from this publication >>  April 10, 1987