Dear editor:

This is a copy of the letter sent to Messer. Davinder Singh and Balbir Singh.

Dear Mr. Sidhu and Mr. Brar:

I have received your letters dated January 21, 1987, and February 25, 1987 mentioning that you had not given any verbal or written commitment that you will have Dr. HLS. Ajrawat resign within two months of the convention. I have verified about the said commitment from the delegates of the Sikh Cultural Society, Inc. as well! As a large majority of the delegates of the other Gurdwaras who attended the convention in Cleveland. Ina separate meeting chaired by Dr. Tara Singh Mangat, President of Cleveland Gurdwara, and attended by an overwhelming majority of the delegates to the convention, it was found that delegates were very seriously considering to pass a no confidence motion against Dr. Harbhajan Singh Ajrawat for his antipanthic activities. Both of you, who were present in the above meeting, expressed your views that although you had no personal liking for Dr. Ajrawat yet you could not support such a move since he belonged to your Society. In addition both of you and Dr. Chattha made a very emotional and humble plea to the delegates not to go to that extent since it would have had a very stressful impact on him and his family. To avoid a showdown, a face saving agreement was made in which both of you gave a verbal commitment to have Dr. Ajrawat resign within two months. When asked to give this assurance in writing, you requested the delegates to trust your words. However. Dr. Chattha gave this assurance in writing, copy of which I have seen personally. From the events that followed I regret to state that:

  1. Dr. Harbhajan Singh Ajrawat has not resigned despite your verbal commitment and written commitment by Dr. Chattha.
  2. I strongly feel that you have betrayed the confidence of the majority of the delegates by not persuading him to resign.
  3. President Elect., three Vice-presidents, Gen. Secretary and many members of the committees have opted to resign from Sikh Council of North America in protest to your betrayal.
  4. Your statement that you have never made the above mentioned commitment further proves your un Sikh like behavior.

In view of the above, the resolution passed by the Board of Trustees of Sikh Cultural Society is perfectly justified. The Board of Trustees of Sikh Cultural Society have full confidence in the leadership provided by the Executive Committee of this Society, which is committed to promote Panthic causes only.


Amarjit Singh Grewal Richmond Hill, New York

Article extracted from this publication >>  April 10, 1987