Dear Editor,

Please refer to a news item published in “India West” dated ‘August 28, 1987 (Coelho hits Indi an Press freedom). The correspondent of this newspaper has tried to belittle the importance of Hon. Coelho’s statement in the House and the Congressional Record by describing them as “items in the dusty corner of a back page” and by saying that “they are usually given about as much attention as yesterday’s weather forecast.” I really wonder if this news was of no value then why this newspaper has wasted the valuable space of its front page? In fact, this newspaper has tried to gain favor with Govt of India by giving such a colored news against Sikh interests, It clearly brings out the anti-Sikh attitude of this newspaper.

In addition to this, thstatement attributed to Mr. K.K Rana Consul General of India is full of distortions and totally fabricated ‘material, it appears that the news item has been specially fashioned to issue a rejoinder for the consumption of India.

I wish to state that the time for misleading the American Statesmen and public personalities is ‘over and nothing much will be achieved through such labored news item.

At the same time I wish to request you to make use of the columns of your esteemed paper to. expose the dirty designs of the persons who are out to damage the prestige of the Sikhs in USA.

T also take this opportunity 10 make an appeal to the Sikh community (0 resist from associating themselves with the newspaper whose policy is out to damage the prestige of the Sikh Community {just to gain favours from the Govt of India. ‘

Ravi Saluja San Jose, CA.

Article extracted from this publication >>  September 4, 1987