ISLAMABAD, Feb. 27, Reuter: Senior Indian and Pakistani officials had further talks in Islamabad today on easing tensions along their common border, the official news agency APP reported.

The talks followed an agreement signed on February 4 in which both countries undertook to pull back troops massed along the 3,000 km (1,800 miles) border since November.

They completed the withdrawal of about 150,000 troops to peacetime positions a week ago in one sector along Pakistan’s eastern border.

The news agency gave no details of the talks beyond saying that they would involve a phased withdrawal in other sectors and would continue tomorrow.

The talks were between the Indian Foreign Minister Secretary S.A. Gonsalves and his Pakistani counterpart Abudul Sattar.

Relations between India and Pakistan declined drastically late last month when each accused the other of massing troops on the frontier.

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