LUCKNOW: The Government is considering a VHP proposal to accord Ayodhya the status of 2 full-fledged districts and to declare it a holy city.”

Top VHP leaders have already discussed the issue with the State Government which has accepted the proposal in principle. A decision will be taken after the Cabinet discussed the matter.

Although the VHP has been demanding the status of a district for Ayodhya for quite some time it began exerting pressure on the Government when Maharishi Mahesh Yogi offered support in developing Ayodhya in to a tourist reason.

Maharishi Yogi had however asked the VHP leader to first ensure that the State Government would develop Ayodhya as per his plans. He had even submitted his blueprint to the Government in this regard.

It is noteworthy that Maharishi Yogi has already bought 200acres of land on the banks of Saryu for establishing Ved Vidhyapeeth

Around 1000 acres of land i needed for this purpose. The VHP was finding it difficult court to acquire land for its own and Maharishi Yogis project and the problem would be solve if Ayodhya is given the status to district. A big area from neigh boring districts would then pas control Ayodhya paving the way for the VHP to acquire and for its different projects.

A senior Cabinet colleague to Chief Minister Kalyan Sing confirmed that such a proposal was being discussed. However he refused to divulge any further information

It is felt in the political circle that this is another gimmick of the BJP Government to diver people’s attention as it has failed to redeem the promises in the last elections.

Situation on the Temple fronts no beter as no step has been taken towards its construction though an impression is being created that many hurdles have been cleared.

Article extracted from this publication >> May 8, 1996