CANDIGARH, India: Mr. G.S. Grewal, a former advocate general of Punjab and Haryana High Court, who is a member of the three member subcommittee appointed by Akali Dal (L) for unity with U.A.D., has criticized the present campaign, launched by U.A.D. for engineering mass defections from Akali Dal (L). In a statement, Mr. Grewal said that U.A.D. wanted to show that the deep rooted differences in the U.A.D. had disappeared with the release of P.S. Badal. But in reality those differences are so deep and pronounced that they could not be concealed under the garb of so called prearranged dramas of defections.

Mr. Grewal said that these defections being engineered by U.A.D., are damaging to the Sikh Panth. What was important was the approach toward unity, which cannot be achieved by such tactics. Mr. Grewal regretted that the Akali leadership has failed to achieve this goal. They are still pursuing in the policy of revenge and adopting short term methods to achieve their objective of petty gains. He said that they are trying to destroy the unity move by making their group bigger and by reducing the strength of others.

Article extracted from this publication >> January 8, 1988