Panth Khalsa Foundation is happy to share with the Sikh Sangat of North America, first anniversary tidings of its popular Radio Program. Half an hour Panth Khalsa radio program was started one year ago on June 80, 1984 with the purpose to share political and religious awakening among the Sikh masses. Format of this radio program continues to be Gurbani recitation and interpretation, Gurbani Kirtan and analysis of the Sikh political scene.

Our organization is deeply committed to the noble objective of Sikh liberation in Panjab and strongly supports any legitimate struggle for the realization of a sovereign Sikh state. We firmly believe that Sikhs by virtue of their distinct historical, cultural and religious tradition are entitled to have an independent political and geographical entity. No amount of explanation and reasoning can appease the corrupt ruling classes of the Indian subcontinent.

We are convinced that the present organizational set up of Sikh institutions, religious as well as political is not suited to serve the new aspirations of the Sikh people. It is time to overhaul the Gurdwara administration all over the world. Illiterate, inefficient and uncommitted individuals to Sikh cause should be weeded out.

Panth Khalsa is making every effort to spread the word of unity among the Sikhs. However we earnestly believe that compromise with principles will lead us nowhere. Sikh organizations must arise from grass roots and should be accountable only to Sikh masses. We are of the opinion that only by practicing the immortal principles of Khalsa as laid down by the tenth Guru, the Sikh nation can achieve its goal of Khalsa Raj.

Panth Khalsa Foundation is thankful to the Sikh community of USA for their financial and moral support. We are committed to carry forward the torch of Sikh enlightenment. We need your support and cooperation.

Please send your donations to Panth Khalsa Foundation Inc., 878 Jack London Drive, Vallejo, CA 94589. (Tel: (707) 5544087)


Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa

Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh


Gurdial Singh

Article extracted from this publication >>  July 12, 1985