BE IT RESOLVED that the American Medical Students Association:

  1. URGE, in writing, the Indian Prime Minister and the Indian President to allow the media and Relief agencies and International Human Rights Organization unrestricted access to the Punjab.
  2. URGE, in writing, the International Red Cross and The Salvation Army to initiate immediately relief efforts to the victims of the Indian Army attack in June 1984 against the Golden Temple and the November 1984 violence following the Prime Minister’s assassination.
  3. URGE, in writing, the Secretary General of the United Nations, Amnesty International, and the International Human Rights Commission in Geneva to investigate the treatment of the Sikh people by the
  4. RECOMMENDS that a US. Congressional fact finding delegation be sent to New Delhi and Punjab to investigate the Indian government’s treatment of the Sikh people.
  5. If a U.S. Congressional fact finding delegation, Amnesty International, the United Nations, the International Human Rights Commission in Geneva, the International Red Cross, the Salvation Army or other International Relief and Human Rights Organizations confirms that the Indian government has violated the human rights of the Sikh people then AMSA

a.)’ will deplore and condemn the atrocities the Indian government has committed and continues to commit against the Sikh people.

b.) will urge, in writing, the U.S. government to protest officially and publically the treatment of the Sikh people by the Indian government.

The above resolutions were adopted by the American Medical Students Association on March 24, 1985, at AMSA’s annual national convention in Chicago.

Article extracted from this publication >>  July 12, 1985