NEW YORK: The FBI is looking for a 5’9” tall, thin man with beard and moustache allegedly shouted at Ms. Judy Russel, the Prosecution Counsel in Gill and Sandhu extradition case. The incident took place in a shopping mall. Mr. Stephen A. Salmiere of Terrorist Task Force is allegedly threats to trace the culprit. He reportedly visited Mr. Amarbir Singh’s gas station in New Jersey from where Gill and Sandhu were arrested and threatened Mr. Singh with deportation if” he did not provide any clue to the arrest of the culprit. Mr. Singh expressed complete ignorance about the person and protested against the threats.

Mr. Salmiere also reportedly threatened Mr. Gurmit Singh Mann, a prosperous owner of a number of gas stations. He is reported to have told Mr. Mann that he would be thrown out of the country and his business would be closed down if he did not cooperate.

Sikh circles in New York and New Jersey are feeling sore at the high handedness of Mr. Salmiere. They are also feeling intrigued at the tactics being used by antiSikh elements by Indian intelligence men to prejudice to minds of the officials and judges against the Sikhs. Ms. Judy Russel and the New Jersey Magistrate received threatening calls just before the trial of Gill and Sandhu opened. The Sikhs find a parallel in the way Indian officials in Ottawa had planted their agents among the Sikhs to create violence. The Canadian government was forced to demand their return to India because of their activities. The Sikh circles suspect similar tactics by officials in Indian consulates.

Meanwhile, the Sikh Cultural Society of New York announced on Sunday a reward of $5000 to anyone who would provide information leading to the arrest of the culprit. The information can be given to the F.B.I by calling (201) 6225613. All calls will be kept strictly confidential.

Article extracted from this publication >> March 11, 1988