Eat up every single thing don’t waste food said the mother and the children obediently ate up the chopsticks too No nothing unpleasant happened to them because those were edible chopsticks!

Christakis Pele ties and Geoffrey ‘Tompkins have come up with the novel idea of making edible chopsticks and have even applied for a patent on it But they are generous with the knowledge of how these chopsticks are made The chopsticks are basically made of flour to  which salt yeast olive oil and water have been added The resultant dough is cut into strips and baked for about half an hour This makes it hard enough  last through the meal but not so hard that they hurt the teeth when they are ultimately crunched up The chopsticks basically  pleasant enough ‘or So the inventors claim

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all cups saucers plates and bowls ‘could be made the same way there would be no need to do any washing up.

Article extracted from this publication >> July 22, 1994