BERKELEYCA: Sikh youth from across the country gathered at Berkeley on July 15 1994 to discuss the movement for a free Khalistan its components and the role of Sikh American youth in the struggle for Khalistan

The seminar opened with a discussion of the history of the Sikh struggle for sovereignty Students discussed the political events which led up to the 1984 massacre on the Golden Temple the demand for independence and the context of Punjab’s current state of “normalcy.” This session was followed by a heated discussion of the means through which Sikh should attain their freedom from

India Some students supported independence through militant struggle while other students advocated freedom through a non-violent peaceful mass movement Following this session was a workshop on how Sikh youth in America can help their brothers and sisters in Punjab It was strongly emphasized that personal political education was an important first step everyone must take it was agreed upon that issues such as Khalistan must be openly discussed among the entire Sikh community. On a more specific level Students came up with a variety of practical methods through which they could bring about positive awareness about Khalistan

Students left with the feeling that freedom for Khalistan was the foremost issue facing the community and that it was incumbent upon Sikh youth in America to take an active role in securing the freedom of their brethren in Punjab Khalistan

Article extracted from this publication >> July 22, 1994