NEW DELHI, Jan. 5, Reuter, India: A curfew was lifted in Ahmedabad in Western India, today, one day after it was imposed following communal rioting between Hindus and Moslems, police said.

Nearly 20 people were injured in the riots or when police opened fire to disperse mobs yesterday, the police said.

City Police Commissioner, S. N. Sinha told Reuters by telephone that the curfew imposed last night was lifted after the riothit parts of the old walled city returned to normal. Shops were open and traffic circulating normally, he said.

warrants had been issued against 10 people after the clashes, which began when stones were thrown at candidates campaigning for local elections.

He denied reports that the trouble flared after a brawl between Hindus and Moslems preparing for the city’s traditional Kite Flying Festival on January 14. But he later said he had issued an order banning the sale of kites with provocative inscriptions on them.

Last July more than 50 people died in riots between the two communities, almost evenly divided among the city’s 2.5 million population.

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