EW DELHI, India: The Indian Muslims have described as interference in their faith the imposition of every new law other than Islamic laws, according to Teheran Radio on Saturday.

They said that such laws would not be tolerated. In this connection the radio quoted the Indian weekly newspaper “Radiance” as saying while reviewing the draft of equal citizenship law for the whole India that this law has been prepared on the advice of Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and that this has now been submitted to the Ministry of Law.

“Radiance” wrote that Indian Muslim community condemns the draft and considers if against the Islamic Shariat.

“Radiance” further wrote that Muslims think that so far tremendous atrocities had been committed in the employment and economic fields.

With the approval of equal citizenships law which is totally against the Islamic Shariat with regard to marriage, Islamic Laws and Shariat had been directly hit added the Indian weekly.

Teheran Radio also said that an Indian English newspaper quoted a letter of a Muslim which said the Indian Prime Minister had been entangled in the grip of extremist Hindus. These Hindus are of the view that every Indian should be a Hindu. In the conclusion the letter appealed to all enlightened persons and politicians to take immediate steps and stop implementation of this conspiracy.

Article extracted from this publication >>  January 9, 1987