BEAS, India: Roshan Lal Bairagi, the notorious Hindu terrorist who allegedly escaped from the police custody near Beas late in the evening of Thursday was being escorted to Amritsar from Delhi in an ordinary jeep.

Earlier reports had said that he was being taken in a bullet proof car, however, the government sources told reporters at Beas that the jeep was a new one and had no registration number. It had a can yes roof. The jeep had eight persons including Bairagi, driver and armed policemen.

The incident occurred 100 meters from the main Beas bridge towards Amritsar around 7:00 p.m. As the jeep reached near Dhilwan, Bairage asked the party to allow him to ease himself. The police official halted the jeep after crossing the river bridge about 50 yards away. Accompanied by a constable with whose’s help Bairagi’s handcuffs were attached, he went towards the road side depression. Then Bairagi again requested the constable to move towards riverside bushes. The moment Bairagi felt that he was out of the reach of the policeman sitting inside the jeep he gave strong jerk to the handcuffs which resulted in the snapping of the chain attached with the constable’s belt. As one hand cuff of one hand was already removed by the policeman to allow Bairagi to open the zip of his trousers he managed to disappear in the field. There is a joint police and B,S.F. nakabandi in the Beas town. A police search party had not yet reported back.

Article extracted from this publication >>  January 9, 1987