CHANDIGARH: Eleven persons, including a senior Congress Leader and two militants were killed in Punjab since Wednesday night.

A report from Bhatinda said Mr. Chiranji Lal, senior Congress I leader of the district, was shot dead in Bhai Bhagatan on Wednesday night. A complete hartal was observed in the village to protest his killing.

In an encounter, security forces gunned down Surinder Singh alias Chinda who carried a reward of Rs 40,000 at Mudki in Ferozepur district on Thursday morning, His accomplice escaped.

The Punjab police chief, Mr. KP. S. Gill, said that Chinda was involved in 30 killings in the State. A Chinese AK47 assault rifle and two magazines were recovered from the killed militant.

A report from Batala said on Thursday night that three gunmen. Shot dead one of their accomplice, Hari Singh alias Haria, in Khuzala village under the Sri Hargobind Pur police station.

Police sources said the “Khalistan Liberation Force” has claimed responsibility for the killing, charging Haria with robbing innocent persons, the report added.

Two gunmen raided a liquor vend at Raya village in Faridkot district and gunned down Surinder Singh, son of the vend owner, and his servant.

The gunmen escaped in a jeep belonging to Surinder Singh.

In another incident, a scooters was gunned down by two gunmen near Malout in Faridkot district in the evening.

Security forces nabbed 20 militants, including 12 in connection with the Sirhind massacre, in the state.

Barring Patiala district, where shops in most of the towns remained closed, the Rashtria Suraksha Samit sponsored bandh to protest the killing of innocent people at Sirhind failed to evoke any response.

A bullet ridden body was recovered from Bharat village in Gurdaspur district on Thursday morning. A letter written by the “KCF” owning responsibility for the crime was found near the body.

One Amrik Singh was shot dead at Muchhal village in Majitha police district (Amritsar) on Wednesday night.

The Majitha police on Thursday arrested four people on the charge of sheltering militants.

Faridkot police nabbed four gunmen and recovered two double barrel guns, a H.E. 36 hand grenade two pistols and a large quantity of ammunition along with looted cash and gold ornaments.

A report from Ludhiana said a gunmen committed suicide by shooting himself in sugarcane fields on the Machhiwara Samrala Road on Thursday. However, his accomplice managed to escape.

The two gunmen who were chasing a bank clerk on a scooter, rushed to nearby sugarcane fields when a police party appeared on the scene.

Seeing this, the gunman shot, himself dead with his .12 bore rifle while this accomplice escaped.

One Gujer Singh was stabbed to death and his wife injured at Kangniwal village under the Jalandhar police station on Wednesday.

An intruder from Pakistan was shot dead in an encounter with the Border Security Force in the Mamdot sector in Ferozepur district on Wednesday night.

The Patiala police rounded up at least 12 people in connection with the Sirhind killings.

Article extracted from this publication >> September 30, 1988