JAMMU: Kalyan Singh a driver of the Jammu and Kashmir State Road Transport Corporation was shot dead in the busy Old Secretariat complex housing the High Court and the lower courts on Saturday morning.

Lawyers of the High Court and the lower courts immediately went on a lightning strike, protesting against inadequate security arrangements in the complex.

Kalyan Singh had gone to the complex to appear in the court of the Chief Judicial Magistrate at the time of presentation of a challenge against him in an accident case.

He was waiting outside the court when a young man walked up to him and shot him in ‘the abdomen with a country made pistol from pointblank range.

As the assailant fled, some lawyers gave him a chase, but he vanished in the narrow lanes near the complex.

Kalyath Singh later died in the S.M.GSS. Hospital.

Incidents of kidnaping and physical and’ armed attacks on witnesses appearing in criminal cases have taken in the complex in the past also.

Article extracted from this publication >>  March 31, 1989