ISLAMABAD: Former Prime Minister and opposition leader Benazir Bhutto has ruled out possibility of return to martial law in Pakistan and said whenever ring Islami Jamhoori Ittehad (IT) government faced “cracks” its leaders would start propagating that the army might take over again.

“The country has already seen three horrible martial laws and I do not see there will be another” Bhutto said while releasing a book at Karachi press club on Wednesday.

Bhutto said that prime minister Nawaz Sharif could be ousted of can gain strength but there was no indication from any quarter to suggest that martial law was round the corner.

Former prime minister charged UI leaders with “blowing the bugles of martial law to intimidate the democratic forces on the one hand and frighten the IJI ranks in id to forge unity on the other.”

She accused present government relying on” fascist methods” by instituting false cases against political leadership of country and rigging election to disenfranchise people.

Article extracted from this publication >> May 1, 1992