Stockton: California: At an informal gathering of World Sikh Organization in the library of Sikh Temple, Stockton held on December 3, 1985, an allegedly uninvited person attempted to assault Gen. Bhullar. He was reportedly accompanied by three others. One of the three reportedly helped him escape by driving him away in his car. It is believed that they had preplanned the assault.

Gen. Bhullar, later, disclosed that the same four persons had tried to attend the General Assembly meeting of WSO held on November 1617 at Washington D.C., but were not allowed to attend by the Stage Secretary. He also alleged that they had stayed with a senior WSO leader and charged that the assault could not have been made without the knowledge of that Senior leader. The charge, however was denied by the said leader.

An emergent meeting of the National Council of WSOUSA has been summoned on Saturday, December 14, 1985, at Stockton to discuss the situation arising out of the assault.

Article extracted from this publication >>  December 13, 1985