New Delhi: According to Reports from New Delhi use of the Indian Army for maintaining law and order in the country will be more restricted and more centralized as per the new set of instructions issued be the center. So far the Local authorities could requisition the services of the Army whenever necessary.

But according to new instructions issued by the center the Local Authorities will have to seek the permission of the Government, Chief Secretary in the case of state, for doing so. Instructions have been reportedly issued following criticism that the army was used too often to curb civil disturbances. Entrusting Law order to army instead of the police is endangering the very survival of democracy according to the instructions, Gen. Krisna Rao former Chief of army staff and now Nagaland Governor reportedly said at the last conference of State Governors. He said that it was dangerous to call out the army for maintenance of law and order in the state and that it should be stopped forthwith. It may be recalled that Prime Minister some time ago had expressed the view that army would be used very sparingly in future. According to political circles the restrictive use of the army is the direct offshoot of the side effects of Operation Blue Star.

Article extracted from this publication >>  December 13, 1985