NEW YORK: Birthday of Khalsa (on Vaisakhi was celebrated with ‘great pomp and show in Sikh Cultural Society Richmond Hill Gurdwara not once but twice on April 13 & 19. Both times Akhand Path Bhog was held, Bhai Amarjit ‘Singh Tan and his companions performed spiritual kin an and Bhai Gurdip Singh delivered Katha of the day. Bhai Gurdip Singh explained the historic ceremony held at Takhat Kesgarh Sahib at ‘Anandpur in 1699 and requested every Sikh to take Amrit (Baptize) Bhai Kuldip Singh gave his views ‘what Khalsa will be in 10 years, Bhai Satjivan Singh explained Khalsa principles in English and asked parents to introduce children to Sikh principles.

Students from Gurdwara Bans ‘Sahib in Punjab took pant in Kirtan, ‘They gave an impressive talk in English on Sikhism. Small girls surprised everybody by singing ballads (Varan) in Khalsa Martial music. Unlimited langar was served on the day. Bhai Dilbag ‘Singh and Gulbag Singh did Anand ‘Shaib Path. Amrit Sanchar (Baptize ceremony) was held on April 17, and 25 Sikhs (men, women ‘and children) were baptized.

In this gurdwara in the Tri-Star area every year more and more ‘Sikhs are baptized, With this ceremony (Amrit Sanchar) 5K’s (Kes (Unshom Hair), Kanjha [comb], Kirpan [sword], Kacha (Khalsa short pant) and Karrha {steel bangle} becomes inseparable physical part of Sikh’s life,

Bhai Jaspal Singh, gurdwara secretary handled the stage on all days very skillfully.

Article extracted from this publication >> May 1, 1992