AMRITSAR: A “home for the Sikhs with complete ownership and freedom general amnesty tor militant youths punishment to Government Officials guilty of repression illegal Complications to the stain militants’ families and quasi-judicial powers to the panchayats” these are the main Promises that the AISSF (M) has made in its manifesto voted power in the state.

In the 40-page manifesto the federation has enumerated its stance towards the psychological economic and political aspects of the Punjab Problem as a neo-panthic political force on the Sikh scene.

Drafted painstakingly by the “think tanks” of the federation the manifesto has three parts:(a) genesis of Sikh problem; (b): the circumstances under which the AISSF was born and its Contribution to the Sikh struggle; and (c) the federation’s ideological stand vis-a-vis the goal of the Sikh struggle.

The document in words of the federation chief Bhai Manjit Singh is a “repository of the ideology of Sant Jamail Singh Bhindranwale and the federation’s future endeavors to translate his (Sant Bhindranwale) dreams into reality by assuming the role of a political entity.

Significantly the manifesto does not lay any emphasis on the word “Khalistan” and says the federation stands for “creation of a home for the Sikhs with complete ownership and freedom’.

Adopting a subtle stance on whether the “home” should be within the country or outside the purview of the Indian Constitution the manifesto to promises a permanent settlement of the Sikh problem on solid ground.

The political part of the manifesto says: “Let the elections be over. We will let known to the word what we want? in the process of developing our dwelling the federation will immediately apply for the membership of the UNO.”

“No nation’ it says can grow unless it has a home of its own Even a President of the country who lives in Government house would like to have his private house. “Why are not the Sikhs allowed to build a home tor themselves? The manifesto asks adding “Sikhs are now living in a rented house.

The manifesto envisages the federation’s endeavors for a lasting settlement with the Government in such a way in future that no Sikh shrine is put under siege of the security force. It holds a categorical promise of total lifting of the security cordon around the Golden Temple complex.

The federation also promises to ensure that in future there is no interference in the religious affairs of the Sikhs and efforts are made to preserve their social religious and cultural identity.

Enumerating the federation’s commitment to grant general amnesty to all the absconding and detained youth in the Sikh struggle the manifesto promises liberal compensation to those in illegal detention without specified charges and those who had suffered mentally or physically.

The federation’s government it says would give full compensation with a compound rate of interest to those whose property was damaged by the security forces during the Sikh struggle.

Significantly the manifesto entails the federation’s resolve to try and punish the officials civil as well police accused of committing excesses on the Sikhs in the past one decade or so. Those responsible for maltreatment of the Sikh women folk would be penalized by the special tribunals and punished accordingly.

The federation promises reservation for the families of the stain militants in the Government departments at least one member from the shaheedi parivar it says would be given a job as per his/her ability.

The manifesto records top priority to shifting of Chandigarh and other Punjabi-speaking areas to Punjab. It commits itself for more autonomy to village panchayats apart from the economic autonomy. The panchayats would be given executive and quasi-judicial powers to settle village disputes 20% of the total state budget would be earmarked for the rural upliftment it says.

The manifesto vouches for creation of opportunities for economic development soft loans and the government support to the public marketing system in the rural centers. It promises to bring heavy and electrical industry to Punjab.

Haryana Governor Mr Dhanik Lal Mandal reviewed security arrangements with the DCs and SPs for the forthcoming Lok Sabha and Assembly poll to be held in the State on May 20.

At the meeting he expressed satisfaction that the filing of nominations scrutiny and the withdrawal of nomination papers was completed peacefully.

He asked the officers to ensure that elements likely to prevent voters from exercising their franchise were dealt with firmly. Special vigil should be kept on universities and educational institutions to ensure that anti-social elements in the garb of students did not create any law and order problem.

The Governor added that the officers should make it known in clear terms to political parties and candidates that booth capturing rigging use of money and muscle power corrupt practices would not be tolerated.

The Governor said that no prisoner should be released on parole until the elections were over.

Article extracted from this publication >> May 10, 1991